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My first mechanical calculator

My first electronic calculator

Early programmable calculator (TI SR56)Late hand driven mechanical calculator (Brunsviga 13RM)

Recently I found this printing Diehl Transmatic V12.   It contains a toothed belt which has completely disintegrated. Nevertheless I managed to operate it by turning the main shaft manually. All functions worked ........ Not any more. It got stuck in a multiplication.  So ...........  This will be my next project :)

Diehl Transmatic V12

With the experience from my Hamann 505 I managed to repair the 505 of a fellow collector. To show  appreciation he offered me this Marchant ADX.
It may unexpectedly appear to be an even more difficult machine.  There seems to be a loose spring deep inside the control unit.  I’ll have to take it apart, not knowing if I’ll ever be capable of putting it back together.

Currently in repair
Marchant ADX

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It all started with this little programmable calculator.  I bought it in 1976, build a small program for it and became a Philips software engineer one year later.

In 2013 I was cleaning my attic and found it.  The first idea was to sell it.

I didn’t …………

Looking on the internet what would be a reasonable selling price for the SR56 I ran into this little mechanical calculator.

What I found on the internet regarding this and other machines was very interesting.  So, I bought it ..... and another one and a more complex one …………

Late mechanical calculator (Friden SBT10)

How Semiconductors Changed The World

About 1970 the world of calculating machines rapidly changed from mechanical

 to electronic.  Using a slide rule  most of the time and electronic calculators not being allowed at school, I wasn’t aware at all of the changes that took place.

Now I consider it my mission to setup a small collection of well preserved and operational calculators which are representative for the changes that took place in that period.


Added charging info regarding the Canon LE10 charger


Added a typewriter


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Friden (Singer) EC 1117

Friden (Singer) EC 1117

Friden (Singer) EC 1117

Precisa 366-12