Friden 1217

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Repair Info

When I received this Friden 1217 it was operational for a short while, but soon started to block during calculations.  After quite an extensive search I discovered a loose slotted screw inside the the machine at a point which couldn’t  possibly be reached with a screw driver.

However, using a small screwdriver as a chisel, sticking it in the slot I managed to fasten the screw. (See photo A).  Beforehand I cleaned the screw and its surroundings and put some glue on it. Until today it holds.

The cover of the machine can be very easily removed by loosing two screw a single turn and then loosen two clips which hold the cover.

(See photo’s Band C)

Ink ribbons are not widely available.  I found a Dutch supplier who delivers worldwide and has a very wide collection of ribbons and other calculator and typewriter related supplies.  See Links.

Spark suppression:

Many, perhaps most machines suffer from leaking or removed capacitors.  In this machine they were partly removed. From what was left I wasn’t sure how the circuit originally was build.  I rebuild it in order to obtain a proper spark suppression, but guess that originally less components were used.

P1000302a.jpg P1000305a.jpg P1000313a.jpg P1000309a.jpg P1000308a.jpg P1000310a.jpg P1000314a.jpg P1000534a.jpg P1000315a.jpg P1000332a.jpg

B: Case mounting clip

A: Loose screw

C: Case mounting clip