Lloyd’s Accumatic 100 (Vitabox)


Apart from some little damage on the  bottom the calculator housing is in nice condition. It also is fully functional, but unfortunately the Dynamic Scattering LCD display is missing some of its least significant digits.  According to information found elsewhere this is the first commercially applied LCD in calculators.  Digits of these LCD’s become milky  when activated .  To achieve clearly  visible digits this type of LCD needs to be lit from the backside. In this calculator a small 6V bulb is mounted.

In a close-up of the display it seems that some digits leaked the fluid crystals into their surroundings.

For more information regarding the used LCD have a look in Wikipedia.


Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division:

 Works as usual today.  There is no memory.

Function of other keys, switches etc.:

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Lloyd’s Accumatic 100 (Vitabox)Lloyd’s Accumatic 100 (Vitabox)Lloyd’s Accumatic 100 (Vitabox)
Lloyd’s Accumatic 100 (Vitabox)Lloyd’s Accumatic 100 (Vitabox)
Lloyd’s Accumatic 100 (Vitabox)

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Serial number:

Built in:



Production until:



1972 (Contains IC’s with code 7240)

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication,  Division



Approx.  $200  (equals to approx. DM 320/Fl.320 in 1972)