Facit 1140


The Facit 1140 is a very basic portable 8-digit calculator without a memory.  It contains a single Electronic Arrays EA 5059 integrated circuit and several transistors.  A thermal printer provides the output.

The device is powered by 4 AA-size NiMH cells.  A step-up circuit provides about 15V for some parts of the electronics.   

With a price tag of about DM 250 (approx. $ 100)  it was a very affordable machine.  However,  in 1975 it still took an average workman a one week income to be able to buy one.  


As usual today.  

For each entry both,  the operand and the function symbol are printed.

A calculation is finalised with the “T=” key.  The result is printed  as well as the T.  In case of a negative result a minus sign is shown below the  T.

C”  clears the machine except memory

CE”  clears last entry

The mode-switch has three positions:

OFF”:   machine powered off

F     :   machine performs all four operations

+     :   machine only adds/subtract and puts a comma in front of the two least significant digits

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Facit 1140 Facit 1140 Facit 1140
Facit 1140

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Serial number:

Built in:




Production until:



1975 / 1976

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division


1975 (a 1975 article in Funkschau, a German professional magazine reports market introduction)

Ca. 1977 (untill 1977 it is listed in BüromaschinenLexikon)

Approx. DM. 250.