Victor 1900-1421


The Victor 1900 calculator is a full function floating point machine with one semiconductor memory register and a constant mechanism which can be used in al calculation functions.  It is equipped  with a 12 digit plasma display in a sandwich construction, some IC’s and furthermore some hybrid and some discrete components to drive the display.

The keyboard uses conductive rubber sheets on a PCB. The keys press the rubber sheets against the PCB’s  circuits. Although it’s probably not as sustainable as reed relays which were often used those days, it still feels like a high quality construction and works flawlessly after so many years.



Use the “+” and “-” key to add/subtract in the display.   The “M+” and “M-” key operate in memory.


Works in algebraic mode using the “X” and “=” key.   Allows addition/subtraction in memory by using the “=+” and “=-” keys.


Works similar to multiplication.

Function of some keys, switches etc.:

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Victor 1900-1421Victor 1900-1421Victor 1900-1421
Victor 1900-1421
Victor 1900-1421

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Serial number:

Built in:



Production until:




Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication,  Division

1973 ?  (My machine contains a PCB and some IC’s with prints indicating 1973 as year of production)

1974 ? (Büromaschinen Lexikon mentions this machine in 1974 only)

Approx. DM. 1050,- in 1974  (Source: Büromaschinen Lexikon)