Casio FX-801P


The Casio 801P is one of several programmable calculators which were introduced in the early 80th.

Calculator?  Or perhaps I should say early laptop?  Compared to the mechanical calculators which were still sold in the early 70th this machine was a giant step forward.  Equipped with an LCD display, a printer, a “mass” storage device, memory and lots of mathematical functions it more resembles an early laptop than a calculator.

The program memory size is 1680 bytes.

A small LCD display shows 20 characters in one line.

Programs can be stored on micro cassettes. Saving and loading seems to work reliably.

A small thermal printer prints program listings as well as calculation results.

Power source are either 6 AA cells or a 9V=  adapter.  Today’s  rechargeable NiMH cells work fine too.


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Casio FX-801P Casio FX-801P Casio FX-801P
Casio FX-801P Casio FX-801P
Casio FX-801P

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According to guarantee certificate bought 1986-02-01

Many mathematical functions. Programmable in a proprietary Basic language

6 AA alkaline


1984 ???  (It is mentioned in a Casio brochure d.d.  March 1984.

FF 1860,- in 1982  (Source: L’Ordinateur Individuel nr 43 dec 1982)  
(Approx. Fl. 760,-)